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How It Works

BuzzTarget allows you to buy/sell/lease/finance your properties, send targeted email blasts to our community of industry professionals, and send emails to your own, private contacts, all on one platform. After you sign up, getting started with BuzzTarget is free and easy. Simply

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    Create Your Listing

    A simple wizard will guide you through creating your listing. Fill out listing details, upload pictures or flyers, and select your target audience.
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    Prepare Email Blast

    Choose from our range of pre-designed email templates, then customize it for your property.
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    Add Private Contacts

    Have private contacts to include in your email blast? Simply upload your contacts before creating a new listing, group them, and set their email preference. Then, add your contacts to your email blast.
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    Send Email Blast

    Once you've customized your email blast, hit send and your listing goes out to our community of industry professionals, as well as your own, private contacts.
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    Browse Other Listings

    Use our powerful search engine to filter and browse listings relevant to you.
  • Simple. Easy. Get Deals Done.